Transparent Polaroid 660 for sale

Transparent Polaroid Autofocus 660 on eBay

A transparent Polaroid Autofocus 660 is for sale on eBay. These transparent cameras are “non-functional”, so they will not produce images. They were used for exposition, and due to that they were produced in limited quantities and are quite rare. Link to eBay:

Augustin Lesage for sale

Untitled (1945), Augustin Lesage at Christie’s auction

A large paint of Augustin Lesage will be auctioned off by Christie’s on January 17, 2020, in New York at the 20 Rockefeller Center.More information: Augustin Lesage was a coal miner from France. He didn’t study art, and he had very limited contact with the art in general. When he was 35 years old,…