Colnago C35 Ferrari Gold on eBay

The Colnago C35 Ferrari Gold was released in 1989 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the brand Colnago.  The bicycle was created from a collaboration with Ferrari and Campagnolo. Ferrari designed for Colnago the monocoque carbon frame, which would be manufactured at Colnago’s factory under Ferrari supervision. In the 80s, the use of carbon fiber was at…

Micro Seiki vintage Hi-Fi on eBay

I think it is one of the coolest record player I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I didn’t find on the web many information about this particular model of Micro Seiki.If you want to share some info about it, leave a comment. Link to eBay: Find international business partners

Helmet for Soviet spacesuit on eBay

We found on eBay the helmet for Soviet spacesuit “Yastreb” designed for extravehicular activity during Soyuz-4/5 missions in 1969. It was made in USSR in the 1960s by the spacesuits manufacturer NPP “Zvezda.” Link to eBay: